Our Apartments are Close to Public Transportation

Central West End

Our community has many amenities, such as a swimming pool, and a private pet park. One of the best things about living here is that we are close to public transportation which is super convenient, and so much more. Taking public transportation has incredible benefits. It is much less expensive taking public transportation than driving a personal … [Read more...]

3 Great Pizzerias in St Louis

3 Great Pizzerias in St Louis

There's nothing like enjoying pizza with friends and family to take the edge off of the week and catch up on each other's lives. It's even nice to have dinner at a pizzeria solo, leaving your kitchen at home nice and clean in the process. Here are three great pizzerias in St. Louis that you don't want to miss out on: Katie's Pizza and Pasta – Enjoy … [Read more...]

How to Keep your Washer Clean


You probably never give cleaning your washing machine a passing thought until it begins to smell or your clothes start coming out not quite as fresh. Cleaning your machine is as simple as following these easy steps: Remove the detergent, bleach and fabric softener cups and run through the dishwasher. Use an old toothbrush and a white vinegar and baking … [Read more...]

Learn More About History at Jefferson Barracks Historic Park

HBG Try Some of the Best Local Beer at The St

One of the benefits of living in St. Louis is having the opportunity to visit several historic sites. You can step back into the past at these places while learning about the area’s history.  At Jefferson Barracks Historic Site, which isn’t far from our St. Louis apartments, you can see exhibitions and attend educational programs that showcase this … [Read more...]

Upgrade Your Apartment Decor With These 10 Design Ideas

Immediately Improve Any Room in Your Apartment

Perhaps you look around your Heatherbrook Garden apartment home and think it needs a little facelift. Fortunately, it's easy to upgrade your apartment decor by adding color or texture to your home with the following ideas. Place a few throw pillows on your couch or bed. Add a shag carpet to your living room floor. Go with striped curtains … [Read more...]