10 Fun Things You Can Do in St. Louis

Gateway Arch, St. Louis

St. Louis is full of exciting options for entertainment. No matter your interests and tastes, the city is sure to offer something enticing for you to enjoy. To help you decide how to make the most of the area we call home, we've compiled a top 10 list of things to do. Breathtakingly beautiful, with unique events throughout the year, the Missouri … [Read more...]

Our Eat-In Kitchens Provide Plenty of Extra Dining Space

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At our Heatherbrook Garden apartment homes we have eat-in-kitchens, which allows the perfect spot for eating breakfast, reading a book or doing some work. It also gives you and your family more dining space. Lucky for us, this is just one of many features that make living at our apartments so nice. Our apartment homes have washing machines and … [Read more...]

Take a Culinary Tour of St. Louis This Weekend

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Perhaps food delights you or the thought of trying new food excites you, and in a city like St. Louis, dining options are nearly unlimited. However, if you have a passion for food, it might be time to take your culinary experiences to the next level with STL Culinary Tours. With STL Culinary Tours, you can go on kitchen tours, visit local breweries … [Read more...]

Tough Cleaning: 5 Ways to Clean Your Mattress

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While you may not think about the cleanliness of your mattress much, it can contain a lot of bacteria, and even dust mites. Make note of the following ways to clean your mattress. Vacuum your mattress each time you change the sheets to get rid of dust and dust mites. Don't forget to use the crevice tools to get in the hard to reach … [Read more...]

5 Stress Free Summer Traveling Tips for Your Big Vacation

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Summer marks an excellent time to take a well-deserved vacation. To keep your vacation stress free here are some tips you can employ. 1. Account for all Expenses You should ballpark all costs involved to ensure you have more than enough for your trip. This will prevent you from overtaxing your finances. 2. Do a Vehicle Inspection for Road … [Read more...]