Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in St. Louis

Cinco de Mayo STL

All the action and entertainment in downtown St. Louis is just a short drive away from our Heatherbrook Garden apartments in South St. Louis. The downtown area is home to a variety of St Louis holiday celebrations throughout the year, including the upcoming Cinco de Mayo on Cherokee Street celebration. This annual celebration of Mexican culture and … [Read more...]

The Remodeled Bathrooms in Our St. Louis Apartments are Great for Your Next Home

Renovated Bathroom

If you're new to the world of apartment living, there are several things you should look for in prospective communities. Have you checked for remodeled bathrooms in St Louis apartments? While a good range of amenities and well-kept grounds are wonderful to have, the things that make up your actual apartment are even more important- after all, … [Read more...]

5 Simple Tips for Adding Color to Your St. Louis Apartment

Colorful Bedroom Furniture

When it comes to adding color to your St Louis apartment, it’s okay to think outside the box. The biggest misconception is that an all-white interior will make an apartment look larger than it’s actual size. No, carefully placing color all around will achieve this goal. Here are five simple tips to add color to your apartment: Paint the inside … [Read more...]

Maximize the Natural Light in Your St. Louis Apartment

Natural Light

There are plenty of ways to save on electricity costs and maximize the natural light coming into your Heatherbrook Garden Apartments. Not only will using natural light save you money, but the light is so much more cheery and inviting than electrical lighting. Here are some ways to do just that. Take advantage of mirror placement. For instance, place … [Read more...]

Traveling During Memorial Day Weekend? Use These 3 Traveling Tips

Heatherbrook Gardens

Memorial Day is a great occasion to take a quick weekend trip to visit family and friends. However, since you probably only have a couple of days to spend, it's important that you don't waste any time getting to and from your destination. These holiday traveling tips help ensure that your trip goes smoothly, so you can spend more time with the ones … [Read more...]